Immerse yourself in our world. From our mind into yours as the journey unfolds. The OtherWorld is the place to discover yourself and anything you have been wanting to know.


The forums are a place for everyone to chat about anything you can think of. Chat with others about your favorite song, favorite coffee, character from the stories or even ask us questions.


In the store you can set up appointments for all of our readings. You can also buy hand-made items like jewelry, talking boards, Hoodoo charms, crystals & stones, dream-catchers and more. We also take special requests for all of our products.


Once a week we release a part of our growing story of ParaSanaare. Meet Miranda the StoryTeller, a 9 year old girl from Massachusetts with special gift; and Natalie, a gnome from The OtherWorld. Be there as Natalie teaches Miranda about the beings of the OtherWorld and the lost connection between our world and theirs. Look for other stories too.


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